Hydrodynamics of offshore systems

Based on experimental studies, IPT evaluates the hydrodynamic design of offshore structures and systems, using models and tank testing, generating regular waves and statistically modeling of the sea state.

The tests subject these structures to the effect of regular and irregular waves, to check the design parameters and determine the dynamic response of such structures to the different sea conditions they will face throughout their service life.
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Testing with scale models provides information about the dynamic response of structures. Such data would be difficult or even impossible to obtain through theoretical analysis, especially in extreme sea conditions (steep or breaking waves), interaction between waves and currents and other nonlinear phenomena.

Using the physical principles developed for wave testing on hulls, IPT performs scale tests of offshore floating or fixed structures, with modeling of anchoring systems and instrumented measurement of movements, forces, accelerations and deformations.

To simulate the behavior of floating structures anchored in deep waters, physical modeling techniques (truncation) were developed for extremely long cables and moorings.

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