Induced seismicity and monitoring of vibrations in civil engineering works

Filling water reservoirs formed by dams can induce earthquakes and possible severe damage to these structures and neighboring buildings. To meet the requirements of IBAMA and State Environmental Agencies, IPT carries out seismic monitoring of these enterprises, estimating hypocentral parameters of seismic phenomena. Analysis of the spatial and temporal distribution of seismic activity, allied to geological data and the reservoir’s operational data, allows the characteristics of induced seismic activity to be identified and the necessary mitigating measures to be taken.

Activities such as breaking up rocks with explosives, the passage of heavy vehicles, sinking piles and staging mega-shows are other examples of sources that can generate seismic waves, which may cause significant levels of vibration in the surrounding area, causing discomfort to humans and possible damage to buildings. In such situations, IPT can ascertain the intensity of vibrations propagated through the soil and determine the associated level of risk.

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