Gás de xisto: solução ou problema?


Critical factors for the viability of shale gas exploration in Brazil. The growing concern regarding the depletion of hydrocarbon resources has led to the searchfor alternative sources of energy resources. One of the alternative sources in study nowadays is the shale gas. The exploration of the shale gas sources is very recent. Although shale gas basins has already been known for years, it was the improvement of the technology of extraction, the horizontal extraction and the hydraulic fracturing, that made shale gas exploitation economically viable. The United States is the biggest producer of shale gas. The exploitation of shale gas in the US has changed its energy matrix, and has decreased its dependence on imported natural gas. Many researchers has been referring to these changes as Shale Gas Revolution and they are forecasting that the country may became a natural gas exporter and that the world energy scenario will change. Based on the success of the exploration of shale gas in the US and the knowledge of existing shale gas basins in Brazil, this study aims to analyses the critical factors for the exploration of shale gas in Brazil. In order for the exploration of shale gas be viable in Brazil measures must be taken to stimulate the industry of natural gas so the use of shale gas can be justified. It is also necessary new laws and standards adapted to the exploration of shale gas. Another important measure to the viability of the exploration of this unconventional gas is to improve the infrastructure for the natural gas transportation in the country.

ARREDONDO, Sylvana Ferrari; MACHADO, Eduardo Luiz. Gás de xisto: solução ou problema. In: CICLO DE DEBATES EM ECONOMIA INDUSTRIAL, TRABALHO E TECNOLOGIA, 15., 2017, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: PUC/Programa de Estudos Pós-Graduação em Economia Política/Grupo de Pesquisas em Economia Industrial, Trabalho e Tecnologia, 2017. p. 31-49.

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