Performance analysis of the textured synthetic coating of walls with constant humidity


This paper presents the results of a case history carried out by the technical team of the IPT Laboratory for Civil Construction Materials whose main objective was to analyze the performance of textured synthetic coatings aiming at diagnosing the causes of blistering which occurred when they were exposed to a constant-humidity environment. Based on the fi eld inspection and laboratory test results, the pathologic manifestation was attributed to the presence of excess moisture in the cementitious substrate of the textured synthetic coating coming from the capillary water and/or of the infi ltration of water through cracks. This type of occurrence has been intensifi ed lately due the non-observance of the limitations of the use of this type of coatings on substrates exposed to moisture coming from capillary absorption or from other sources

SANTOS, Alexandre Cordeiro dos; AUGUSTO, Leandro; BECERE, Osmar Hamilton. Análise de desempenho do revestimento sintético texturizado de paredes com umidade constante. Revista IPT Tecnologia e Inovação, v.2, n.7, p.6-27, 2018.

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