Most common timbers in Brazilian wood historical artefacts


The present work lists the most common timbers used in wooden historical artefacts from Brazil. The data-base used was the records of the wood identification from 97 artefacts, such as religious icons, historical furniture, ornaments and carvings, in the past twelve years at the years at the Wood and Wood Products Laboratory. From these woods the properties related to artefacts manufacturing such as wood hardness, dimensional stability and work ability were gathered. Based on these properties a list of possible alternative of woods, considering the availability in the market and environmental constraints was obtained. We hope that these results will help in the restoration process of historical artefacts.


MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; PIGOZZO, Raphael Jaquier Bossler. Most common timbers in Brazilian wood historical artefacts. Pro Ligno, v. 9, n. 4, p. 312-318, dez., 2013. (Proceedings of the International Conference “Wood Science and Engineering in the Third Millennium, ICWSE, 2013)

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