Electrical resistivity of concrete for assesing the conservation status of atmospheric strctures


The electrochemical reactions inherent in a corrosion process of reinforcements occur when the electrical resistivity of the concrete cover is low. Thus, this parameter is usually associated with those obtained by other techniques in assessing the state of conservation of atmospheric concrete structures. The electrical resistivity of the concrete can be defined as a physical property which indicates the resistance of the electric current flow. When this flows easily, the resistivity of the material is low. The purpose of this article is to discuss this parameter and the in-field main methods for its determination applied in the country.

ARAUJO, Adriana de; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; OLIVEIRA, Kleber Jesus de; PEREIRA FILHO, Mario Leite. Resistividade elétrica do concreto na avaliação do estado de conservação de estruturas atmosféricas. In: ENCONTRO LUSO-BRASILEIRO DE DEGRADAÇÃO EM ESTRUTURAS DE CONCRETO ARMADO, 1., 2014, Salvador. Anais… 14 p.

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