Determination of chemical composition in fatty acids and esters

IPT performs tests to determine the distribution of fatty acids in different materials such as soaps, vegetable and animal oils and mixtures, among other materials. The techniques it employs include derivatization (transformation of acids into methyl esters), mass spectrometry for identification and gas chromatography for quantification of the methyl esters corresponding to the acids in the material.

Identification and quantification of esters in alcoholic beverages is also performed using extraction with a suitable solvent and analysis of the extract by mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

Determination of the chemical composition of these compounds allows alcoholic beverage companies, for example, to trace problems with the aroma of the product, since esters contribute to the formation of aroma. Companies in the fields of cosmetics and soap can identify the origin of raw materials used based on the distribution of fatty acids.

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