Social housing in type 4 Special Zone of Social Interest: case study in Capela do Socorro, São Paulo city


This article synthesizes research results on urban insertion and habitability conditions in a housing building of social interest, aiming at analyzing the quality of its implementation in a territorial unit defined as a Special Zone of Social Interest type 4. This type of unit constituted a reserve of land for the housing provision for its population removed from areas of geological hazard risk and urbanization works. A case of a social housing enterprise located in an area of water source, in Capela do Socorro region, São Paulo city, São Paulo State was evaluated. For the analysis of urban insertion, an evaluation tool applied in a federal housing program was used. Regarding the habitability conditions, parameters for minimum spaces of the municipal building code and the state sanitary code were considered, in addition to Brazilian technical standards of accessibility and performance of buildings. The carried out analyzes allowed concluding that, in general, considering the applied indicators, the case does not reach all the recommended quality standards for urban insertion, but the housing units meet legal and normative references, and show acceptable living conditions for the resident.

ANDRADE JUNIOR, Luiz Velloso; MITIDIERI FILHO, Cláudio; YOSHIDA, Olga Satomi. Recomendações para projeto de canteiro de obras para a produção de pré-moldados de concreto armado. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.3,n.12, p.71-90, dez., 2019.

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