Some issues related to the municipal master plan


The territorial planning of a municipality seeks the establishment of goals and actions for their occupation, which must be in accordance with guidelines set out by its Municipal Master Plan (PDM). However, there are several aspects (legal and technical) that should be considered in the design and management of planning, noting that many issues often go unnoticed. It is expected to contribute to the discussion of some of these aspects, seeking only to emphasize and position on certain items considered important in the tract of land use.

FREITAS, Carlos Geraldo Luz de ; CAMPANHA, Vilma Alves(in memorian). Abordagem ambiental no planejamento municipal. Revista Brasileira de Geologia de Engenharia e Ambiental, v.4, n.2, p.43-50, 2014.

Document with restricted access. Link to BiblioInfo, Biblioteca-DE/IP to access the full text in PDF:

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