Advances on timber construction using new technologies in Brazil


This paper presents an overview about the advances in the use of new technologies on timber construction in Brazil in last years, especially in woodframe construction, in Glulam and more recently on CLT. In Association with this advances, the related Brazilian codes are also being updated and the most significant changes are presented in this paper, as the changes on the Timber Structure code, the wood preservation code and the development of a specific woodframe code. In addition of this, this paper presents also the SINAT 005, a Guidelines for woodframe construction for buildings up to 4 storeys, presenting some examples of this buildings, main care that must be taken to ensure the building efficiency and durability, considering Brazilian climatic conditions and xylophages organism biodiversity. Among this, it is presented the QUALITRAT self-regulation program, created by the Brazilian Association of Wood Preservers, ABPM, as a way to guarantee the correct utilization of preservatives and compliance with the current standards, especially for all users of treated wood. The result of this advances has been a significant increase of timber construction in Brazil, for example the number of woodframe reaching 1000 residences/year, as well as the iconic Glulam buildings internationally awarded and companies investment in new productions of engineered products such as LVL and CLT.

STAMATO, Guilherme C.; LOPEZ, Gonzalo Antonio Carballeira.; SILVA, Gisleine Aparecida da. Advances em el uso de nuevas tecnologias de construcción em madera em Brasil. In: CONGRESO LATINOAMERICANO DE ESTRUCTURAS DE MADERAS, 4., 2019, Montevídeo, Uruguay. Actas… 10p.

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