Challenges and future trends in corrosion protection in oil and gas industry


Corrosion of metallic components in refineries, oil and gas facilities, terminals and pipelines is a well-known threat for operational efficiency, reliability and safety for the oil and gas industry. The way to mitigate corrosion includes the understanding of asset issues, the monitoring of corrosion rates and the prioritization of corrosion preventive actions. However, experience has shown that traditional methods for corrosion control and monitoring are not enough and that new corrosion preventive practices should be developed to guarantee the worldwide sustainability requirements for productive chains. There are several research initiatives in development for preventing H2S and CO2 induced pipeline corrosion; for the improvement of the transportation and the storage of CO2; for monitoring corrosion through non-intrusive technique, for the use of sensors for monitoring under insulation corrosion and for developing high performance coatings. Encapsulation for controlled release of corrosion inhibitors; smart coatings; green corrosion inhibitors; bifunctional eco-friendly paints; zinc-rich paints; water soluble inhibitors for naphtha are some examples of existing developments for guiding the researchers for a prompt approach. Therefore, it is important to encourage cooperation between companies, academies and research institutes, through both national and international partnerships, for the development of research projects, aimed to be better prepared to face these new challenges.

PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; CARDOSO, Juliana Lopes; MOREIRA, Anna Ramus; LIMA, Moysés Leite; FREDERICCI, Catia; BAYERLEIN, Daniel; SILVEIRA, João Ricado Filipini da. Challenges and future trends in corrosion protection in oil and gas industry. In: RIO PIPELINE CONFERENCE & ESHIBITION, 2019, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings…

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