Effect of corrosion inhibitor on the concrete properties and electrochemical behavior of the steel rebar


In aggressive environments it is important to adopt protection techniques for concrete structures against steel rebar corrosion. One of the most used protective systems for new construction is the incorporation of corrosion inhibitor in the fresh mix of the concrete. This protective measure was evaluated in a composite study of the construction of a fertilizer industry in the marine environment. Different concrete compositions, with and without cement substitution by Metacaulim and addition of a multifunctional inhibitor were evaluated through characterization tests. Three compositions were selected for electrochemical study which consisted of the anodic polarization of the steel/concrete system with the monitoring of the open circuit potential and the determination of the instantaneous corrosion rate by means of the linear polarization resistance technique. It was concluded that the trace with partial replacement of the cement by Metacaulim and addition of corrosion inhibitor presented better performance.

PENHA, Jean R. B.; SILVA, Edson M. ; COSTA, José I. ; MANZIONE, Márcio ; ARAUJO, Adriana de ; BORIN, Luís A. ; BAUER, José R. Falcão ; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Efeito de inibidor de corrosão nas propriedades do concreto e no comportamento eletroquímico de armadura de aço-carbono. In: CONGRESS0 BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 59., 2017, Bento Gonçalves. Anais… 16 p.

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