Findings on system reliability improvements in agile environments


Software development can be considered a sociotechnical system, and the choice of practices can be viewed as the design of that system. The choice of agile practices focused on human factors can change the environment where software is developed and influence the performance of the members of the team. To evaluate the impact of the choice of five practices a questionnaire was applied to 125 developers in Brazil. These practices were related to guidelines of the Ecological Interface Design, a framework used in the design of systems with reduction of human error. The use of the guidelines was related to the increase in the perception of all the guidelines with p < 0.01. This result goes against the opinion of many experts and shows that agile practices like “daily meeting” and “quick design sessions” can be used to increase the reliability of the software developed by the team, even without the adoption of a complete agile methodology.

LAGO, Lucas Segismundo Moreno; SILVA, Marvin F. da; SPINA, Edison. Findings on system reliability improvements in agile environments. Internatinal Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, v.9, p.247-252, 2015.

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