Mato Grosso sorteia casas com rapidez e transparência


The methodology for conducting electronic sweepstakes, developed by the Center for Information Technology, Automation and Mobility Technology Research Institute – IPT, which includes process definition and software development, has been successfully adopted by the Secretary of Labor and Employment and Citizenship Assistance social State of Mato Grosso (SETECS), in the draw for housing, for the distribution of six thousand homes to families earning up to three minimum wages, enrolled in the program "Minha Casa, Minha Vida",  Federal Government.


SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; AMORIM, Antonio Carlos Oliveira; RIOS, Edson; RODRIGUES, Renato Curto; GIARONE, Vanessa D’Alessio; PEREIRA, Mathues Jacon. Mato Grosso sorteia casas com rapidez e transparência. TI & Governo, Anuário, 2011, n.7, 2012. 4p. (Prêmio TI & Governo ganho em 2011) (Sorteio eletrônico: agilidade, confiabilidade e transparência na distribuição de casas populares do Programa Minha Casa Minha Vida em Mato Grosso)

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