Cellulose whiskers


Cellulose nanocrystals, also known as cellulose whiskers, are the crystalline domains of cellulosic sources. These nanoparticles, when isolated, have been evaluated as reinforcement material in polymeric matrix due to their potential to improve, among others, the mechanical, optical, and dielectric properties of these matrixes. Recent literature works, involving raw material, isolation process, characterization, and performance of isolated cellulose whiskers, were considered when working out this paper. Tables summarizing the dimensional characteristics with their respective sources, description of isolation process, hydrolysis conditions, and techniques of determination and performance of this material in suspension and in polymeric matrixes are presented. Also contained in this work are challenges to be met in this promising research area, especially with regard to whisker dispersibility, connected with their tendency towards agglomeration, and their compatibility with commercial hydrophobic polymers.


SILVA, Deusanilde de Jesus; D’ÁLMEIDA, Maria Luiza Otero. Nanocristais de celulose. O Papel, v.70, n.7, p.34-52, jul., 2009.

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