Elaboração de questionário como ferramenta auxiliar na avaliação do conforto acústico em escolas


The use of questionnaires is one way to assess the opinion of the school space users about the acoustic comfort of the spaces of which they make use of. Research on Post-Occupancy Evaluation using questionnaires as one of the analysis tools of user satisfaction is generally not concerned with the aspects of the structure and end up restricted to the presentation of results. This work, part of a doctoral research in progress, calls into question the discussion of the criteria for the preparation of questions to assess different aspects of acoustic comfort and how the scales of responses can be presented in the light of relevant standards and scientific papers, applied to a pilot study. Through this pilot study, it was possible to verify the validity of the assumptions made for the construction of the questionnaire in relation to what is wanted to be evaluated, that is, the acoustic quality of the school environment. The pilot study provided the opportunity to verify whether the questions and the alternatives presented were appropriate. The spaces on which the questions are asked suggest an entry route into the building to the place where the student is sitting, making reference to the reverberation time, background noise and equipment noise.

IKEDA, Cristina Yukari Kawakita. ONO, Rosária; VITTORINO, Fúlvio . Elaboração de questionário como ferramenta auxiliar na avaliação do conforto acústico em escolas. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE TECNOLOGIA DO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 16., 2016, São Paulo. Anais… 12 p.

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