Corrosion in ethanol fuel powered cars: problems and remedies


The development of hydrated ethanol fuel powered cars in Brazil required from the manufacturers not only a new engine design but also a complete review of constructution materials, in particular of those in contact with liquid ethanol. A review of corrosion problems found in ethanol cars using the same components as those of gasoline cars is presented. Then a description is given of several methods that have been used to solve those problems both through selection of new materials or protective coatings, and through the use of corrosion inhibitors or treatment of ethanol in order to neutralize or eliminate its corrosive components.

WOLYNEC, S. Corrosão em veículos a álcool:problemas e soluções. In: SEMINÁRIO NACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, 10., 1983, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: Ass. Bras. Corrosão, 1983. p.17-31.

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