Biomass processing focusing on sugar cane bagasse


Biomass, as a renewable energy source, is one of the world’s main research na discussion topics. This is mainly for burning bio-fuels do not generate green-house gases and biomass source is not finite. At IPT, there is a research project concerning entrained flow gasification of sugar cane bagasse, which it is this work motivation. The chosen gasification technology works with liquid or sub-millimeter solid particles, and for the last the bagasse needs to be milled. Milling of in-natura bagasse is not economically and technically advantageous because it consumes high amounts of energy and generates needle-like particles instead of round shape, needed for a stable gasifier operation. Torrefaction is a thermal treatment run at temperatures below 573K and in free-O2 atmosphere that changes biomass structure and properties making its use more viable. The focus is on grindability enhancement, due to cellulosic structure breakage. This work presents a bibliographic review on torrefaction, containing the chemistry of torrefaction, mass and energy balance and recent technology developments.

RIBEIRO, Tiago Ramos; NIGLIO, Guilherme Balardino; FERREIRA NETO, João Batista; TAKANO, Cyro; FREDERICCI, Catia ; LENZ, Guilherme . Biomass processing focusing on sugar cane bagasse. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF IRONMAKING, ICSTI, 6.; ABM IRONMAKING SEMINAR, 42., ABM IRON ORE SYMPOSIUM, 13., 2012, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… 11p

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