Evaluation of wear on hot forming tools


The work presents a study of the wear of hot work tool steels used in rolling and forging processes. The surface of work rolls and forging dies was investigated throughout the work cycles to evaluate the damage suffered and to quantify the mass loss. The experimental values obtained were compared with the numerical model by the finite element method (FEM) of each process, with good agreement between the results. The profilometry of the tool surfaces using the coordinate measuring technique (CMT) and the analysis method employed allowed the composition of surfaces that made quantitative the analysis of the asymmetry in the wear, besides evidencing the distinct behavior of the steels used under the same operation conditions.

GONÇALVES, Alexandre; YAMANAKA, Douglas Mamoru; LIMA, Luiz Gustavo del Bianchi da Silva; BRAGA, Ana Paola Villalva; SOUZA, Roberto Martins de; BOCCALINI JUNIOR, Mário. Avaliação do desgaste em ferramentas de conformação a quente. In: SEMINÁRIO DE LAMINAÇÃO E CONFORMAÇÃO, 55., 2018, São Paulo. Anais… 16 p.

Access to the abstract on the ABM website:

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