LCA of lighting products: looking for methodological consistency


The technique of Life Cycle Assessment – LCA has been increasingly used for resource management and development of products and services in the lighting segment. However, there are inconsistencies in particular regarding the definition and use of the functional unit designed more to products than to users, which limits the validation and comparison of these studies. This study aims to establish a minimum protocol for the application of the technique for this segment incorporating the importance of services to the final user. This study was a compilation of comparative LCA studies of lighting products published. The elements of economic, social and environmental dimension were mapped and studied even considering its applicability to the inventory step of LCA and roadmap for defining the Functional Unit was proposed. It was observed that the interest in LCA studies is more focused on general lighting, focusing on the products and materials used in services. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate other variables affecting results for the user, which would make the studies more effective and comparable. The definition of a protocol leads to gains for everyone (producers and users of LCA studies), it allows greater transparency and uniformity in the analysis, adding value to the work and broadening the spectrum of its use, according to the approach described in the objective

SANCHEZ JR., Oswaldo. LCA of lighting products: looking for methodological consistency. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT, 5., CILCA, 2013, Mendoza, Argentina. Sustainability metrics from cradle to grave. Mendoza, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional de Mendoza, 2013. p. 472-479.

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