Monitoring corrosion in concrete structures: humidity sensor, corrosion rate and optical fiber


The monitoring of the concrete structures allows estimating the corrosion risk over years of use. With the knowledge of this risk, interventions to prevent corrosion or to control the ongoing corrosion may be planned and carried out at appropriate times. In practice, the risk of corrosion is evaluated by checking periodically the rebar status and changes in the properties of concrete. This can be done by embedding sensors for continuous data acquisition in the concrete. There are different types of sensors for continuous data acquisition. The most well-known sensor is the galvanic sensor which consists of a set of electrically isolated carbon steel bars . With the sensor embedded in concrete, these bars remain positioned at different known depths. The risk of reinforcement corrosion is monitored by periodic measurement of the galvanic current in each pair of bars of the sensor. These measurements, among other information about galvanic sensor measurement, were discussed in a previous article. Besides the galvanic sensor, the humidity sensor and the corrosion rate sensor are important, both monitoring parameters related to the establishment and evolution of the reinforcement corrosion process. In this paper, these sensors are presented as well as the optical fiber sensor which has some advantages over the others mentioned, although its use is restricted.

ARAUJO, Adriana de; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; PORTELLA, Pedro D.; BÄSSLER, Ralph. Monitoramento da corrosão em estruturas de concreto : sensor de umidade, de taxa de corrosão e de fibra óptica. Téchne, Ano 21, Ed.195, p.62-65, jun., 2013

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