PL1: IPT bagasse gasification conceptual engineering


Given the growth of sugarcane production in Brazil, gasification presents itself as an interesting destination for bagasse and straw. It allows for the production of syngas (H2+CO2) which can be turned into bio-diesel, monomers or other products for the chemical industry. IPT has been working on the conceptual design of a pilot plant that will test technological alternatives for pre-treatment and gasifier operation to allow for construction of sufficient know-how to design an industrial plant. The total energy efficiency in the industrial plant was estimated at 55%, and the economic feasibility represented by the ROI should be around 25% if oil prices are close to US$81/barrel between 2020 and 2030. Key technical aspects include maintaining the slagging condition inside the gasifier, maximizing pre-processing efficiency and achieving a low enough impurity content before entering the shift reactor. In the present study are described the conceptual design of each step in the process for the pilot plant, energy efficiency and economic feasibility calculations.

YU, Abraham Sin Oih; LANDGRAF, Fernando José Gomes; ETT, Gerhard; SILVEIRA, João Ricardo Filipini da. PL1: IPT bagasse gasification conceptual engineering. In: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SUGAR CANE TECHNOLOGISTS CONGRESS, 28., 2013, São Paulo. Proceedings… 15 p. 

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