Requisitos essenciais para o palnejamento municipal


A municipal territorial planning sets goals and establishes actions that are performed and monitored under its management. While the provisions of the plan are carried out in practice, data management allow feeding back this plan continuously. For this purpose the basic document established by Law is the Master Plan. Its proper development requires that the policy guidelines are largely supported by the data of physical, biotic and man-made environment (social, economic and cultural) resources. For this, the Geotechnical Map constitutes a translation mapping of a analysis and synthesis model capable of integrating the physical environment characteristics and the land use, introducing elements that participate in the perception and evaluation in the establishment of goals and actions for the development of the territory, in its implementation and monitoring. Their preparation, in addition to provide adequate guidelines for the land use, it is mandatory in the review of the Master Plan.

FREITAS, Carlos Geraldo Luz de; CAMPANHA, Vilma Alves; TERRELL, Deborah . Requisitos essenciais para o planejamento municipal. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE CARTOGRAFIA GEOTÉCNICA E GEOAMBIENTAL, 9;. 2015, Cuiabá. Trabalho apresentado…São Paulo: ABGE, 2015. 5 p.

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