Literature review of rare earth metals


Rare earth (RE) metal compounds are employed in a wide range of products, such as: catalysts for automotive vehicles; catalysts for petroleum cracking processes, alloys; polishing products; laser applications; light and luminescent screens. One of the most important RE-based commercial product is the (Nd,Pr)-Fe-B magnetic alloy.
This alloy is classified as permanent magnet and exhibits magnetic properties markedly superior to RE-free magnetic alloys. Nowadays, RE-based permanent magnets have become very important because they are used in 100 % electric or hybrid motor vehicles and in wind generators, products which are focused on environmental
sustainability. This article aims at presenting a brief bibliographical review about RE metals addressing their natural occurrence, physicochemical behavior and worldwide consumption.

SANTOS, Célia Aparecida Lino dos; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Revisão bibliográfica de terras raras. Revista IPT: Tecnologia e inovação, v.1, n.4, p. 6-19, abr., 2017.

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