Vertical fences in housing units: the use of prefabricated panels


The performance of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels, used as internal and external vertical fences of isolated and twinned housing units, was evaluated in this study. The main innovative feature refers to its thickness: only eight centimeters, since panels with higher thicknesses are traditionally well accepted and used in civil construction works. The evaluations included project analysis, audits in ready and running housing, and manufacturing industry. In addition, technological control tests were carried out to characterize the materials and also to attest the quality of the construction system composed of this kind of panels. The buildings executed with this system are also destined to housing of social interest, and the cost of execution can be reduced in comparison to the conventional system using the process of industrialization of its components, in which control of losses is emphasized based on the principle of loss reduction. To collect the data, two institutions were selected: one in the state of Paraná and another in Santa Catarina. Similar methodologies are used by both companies: the manufacturing of the panel is made in the factory and after the transport and positioning of this panel in the definite place using a munck truck. The results obtained in all stages of evaluation showed a proper performance to the system, reaching the minimum levels required in the applicable standards. It should be noted that fire safety assessments were not considered in this study; it could be the focus of future assessments in order to clarify all doubts regarding the potential of the system presented.

ANDRADE, Leandro Reis; CAMPOS, Gisleine Coelho de. Vertical fences in housing units: the use of prefabricated panels. Modern Environmental and Engineering, v.5, n.9, p.803-810, set., 2019.

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