Uso promissor de nanopartículas em revestimentos anticorrosivos: uma abordagem da literatura


In anticorrosive paint industry, the request for coatings that are efficient, durable and environmentally friendly has been growing. To meet this demand, nanotechnology has been explored to replace both the substrate pre-treatment and paint formulation itself. The former approach is based on sol-gel (silanes) thin film as alternatives to carcinogenic hexavalent chromium pre-treatments, while the latter approach is focused on the use of nanoparticles as paint additives to meet target mechanical, physical or chemical properties such as surface hydrophobicity or hydrophobicity. Nanoparticle processing into powders or colloidal suspensions, as well as nanoparticle incorporation into industrial paints, is not an easy task. Functionalisation procedures, through chemical reactions between nanoparticle surface and modifiers, are used in order to prevent agglomeration of nanoparticles into the polymeric matrix. Furthermore, the coupling of functional groups to nanoparticles may allow their interaction with other nanoparticles may allow their interaction with other nanoparticles, with other molecules and with solid surface. This coupling increases their use in anticorrosive paints, which may have synergistic effects on the corrosion resistance. This paper aims at presenting a brief of the promising use of nanoparticles in anticorrosive paints, including their important functionalization processes. The use of nanoparticles to improve coating properties such as the barrier effect, the mechanical strength, the cathodic protection, the UV protection capability, the anti-fouling and biocide action, and the conductivity, as well as the lotus effect have been discussed.

FERRARI, Jean Vicente; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; QUINTELA , Joaquim P.; SOLIMOSSY, Victor. Uso promissor de nanopartículas em revestimentos anticorrosivos: uma abordagem da literatura. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CORROSÃO, INTERCORR 2012, 32., 2012, Salvador. Anais…Salvador: ABRACO, 2012. 27p.

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