Evaluation of thermal and energetic performance of buildings and projects

IPT evaluates the thermal performance of buildings without and with air conditioning. In the former case, IPT verifies if the interior surroundings conform to a set of requirements established to meet human needs for thermal comfort. The thermal performance of housing in Brazil is evaluated based on the ABNT NBR 15575-2008 standard; other countries use ISO Standards or other applicable standards.

When the building is equipped with air conditioning, the thermal loads for conditioning the interior air are verified. The lower these thermal loads, the higher the thermal performance of the building. Measurement of the energy consumption of air conditioning systems is part of the building’s energy performance evaluation, as well as energy consumption of other systems such as lighting. This evaluation follows ASHRAE or PROCEL standards.

In addition to analyzing the thermal and energy performance of buildings using computer simulations or on-site measurements, IPT prepares recommendations and construction guidelines aimed at bringing buildings into alignment with the local climate and reducing energy consumption by thermal conditioning systems.

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