Development of processes to nationalize the production of chemical components and additives

Many small and medium-size enterprises find market niches by producing specialty products using imported raw materials. However, the cost of freight, market protection, fluctuating dollar exchange rate or discontinuity of imports may often cause the stoppage of production lines.

Some companies therefore choose to produce key raw materials or additives locally to render their production feasible. In such cases, they may need technological support to develop their production process.

IPT has been active for over forty years in developing processes for improvement and optimization of production processes in Brazil’s chemical industry, focusing mainly on small and medium-size companies.

The Institute supplies technical support to these companies to nationalize the production of materials, investigating the state of the art in their production, developing processes on laboratory scale and, in some cases, adapting existing production units or even devising conceptual designs for new industrial units or pilot plants, depending on the size of production.

These projects are developed on a totally confidential basis and according to the client’s interest and possibilities.

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