Monitoring of loads in telescopic escorts used in the installation of pre-molded curved beam


The monitoring of structures consists in the observation, monitoring and registration of information before, during and after the execution of the works. When performing activities that require the need for special care during the construction process, the use of a monitoring system is an efficient and effective tool, since it allows the monitoring of structural behavior in order to avoid supervening issues that may compromise the safety of the work and of their surroundings. Typically, during the installation of high-magnitude preformed beams, it is necessary to use equipment to move and position these elements on the abutments, and when it comes to guide beams used as a means of transport, it is necessary to consider superelevation of the track in the curvilinear sections, so that the curves are taking into account the calculation considerations provided in the structural design and that provide comfort to the users. This work consisted in the monitoring of the forces applied in metallic telescopic struts used to adjust the superelevation of curved guide beams in prestressed concrete during their installation, so that the applied loads were within the theoretical limits foreseen in the project.

ARAUJO, Ciro José Ribeiro Villela. BRESSAN, Diego Lapolli; CONSALTER, Sérgio . Monitoramento das cargas em escoras telescópicas utilizadas na instalação de viga-guia curva pré-moldada. In: CONGRESSO DE ENSAIOS E EXPERIMENTAÇÃO EM ENGENHARIA CIVIL, 2., 2019, Porto, Portugal. Anais… 11 p. 

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