Monitoramento sismológico com as estações da RSIM / RSBC / SP7 /QQ1 e a sismicidade na região Sul do Brasil entre 2000 e 2012


The characteristics of seismicity in the South of Brazil obtained with local seismological monitoring with stations of the RSIM / RSBC / SP7 / QQ1 between 2000 and 2012 and historical data are: in the continental area epicenters distributed predominating in the direction of coast (at the edge of the Paraná Basin!!) with the occurrence of clusters and maximum magnitude of 3.5 mR, and in the marine area epicenters distributed with a tendency to be more concentrated toward the north and with earthquakes of magnitude 5.2 and 5.5 mR predominating magnitudes less than 3.9 mR. The monitoring allowed detection of 85 local and regional earthquakes and as well as contribute to studies of 24 distant earthquakes. The value (preliminary) of the parameter “b” of the Gutemberg-Richter magnitude-frequency relation was 0.7. These data will be used in the development of the Project PSHB-Project for Seismic Hazard in Brazil.

RIBOTTA, Luis Carlos; MOREIRA, Lucas Diogo; BARBOSA, J.R.; REGINA, J.V.M.; MANUZZI, J.L.; CARVALHO, A.M.B. Monitoramento sismológico com as estações da RSIM/RSBC/SP7/QQ1 e a sismicidae na região Sul do Brasil entre 2000 e 2012. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE BRAZILIAN GEOPHYSICAL SOCIETY, 13., 2013, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… Rio de Janeiro: SBGf, 2013.

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