Mapeamento acústico de rios e reservatórios: estado da arte


Underwater surveys have been lately carried out by high resolution acoustic tools. Swath bathymetry, side scan sonar and continuous seismic profiling systems are the most powerful tools to cover the bed of lakes, reservoirs and rivers in high resolution, and integrated systems have been developed to overcome budget shortfalls that researchers usually have to deal with in their projects. The EdgeTech 6205 is the first of its kind to deploy a new Multi-Phase Echo Sounding (MPES) technique that simultaneously acquire high quality bathymetry data along with dual frequency side scan imagery at wider spread than traditional systems. The wider swath coverage allows for fewer sweeps across the surveyed area and reduces the processing time for three-dimensional bathymetric maps. New ultra high-resolution subsurface profilers like Meridata Chirp 20-50 kHz, makes it possible to identify sediment layers with few centimeters thick. The aim of this paper is to show an overview about recent technologies applied to underwater surveys and discuss some of the advantages of high-resolution systems applied on rivers and reservoirs investigation.

SOUZA, Luiz Antonio Pereira de; DEMARCO, Larissa Felicidade Werkhauser; FALCETTA, Filipe Antonio Marques; COSTA, Samuel Barsanelli. Mapeamento acústico de rios e reservatórios: estado da arte. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE ENGENHARIA DE SEDIMENTOS, 13., 2016, Porto Velho. Anais... 11p.

Document with restricted access. Log in to BiblioInfo, Library – IPT/DAIT to access the PDF text:

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