Landslide risk areas mapping for land regularization


In July 2017 the Law 13.465 was approved. This law provides regularization for rural and urban lands. The current legislation comprises two modalities for the purposes of urban land regularization. The first one, Social Interest regularization, applicable to informal urban centers occupied predominantly by low-income population, thus declared in act by the municipal or district government , and Specific Interest regularization, applicable to informal urban centers occupied by unqualified population. According to the article 64 of Law No. 12.651/2012, environmental studies for Social Interest regularization should contain: (a) characterization of the environmental situation of the area to be regularized; (b) specification of basic sanitation systems; (c) proposal of interventions for the prevention and control of geotechnical and flood risks; (d) restoration of degraded areas and those not subject to regularization; (e) evidence of the improvement of the conditions of urban-environmental sustainability, considering the proper use of water resources, (g) the non-occupation of risk areas and the protection of protected areas and their buffer areas, when applicable; (h) proof of the improvement of habitability of residents provided by the proposed regularization; and (i) demonstration of the guarantee of unpaid and free access by the population to beaches and water bodies, when appropriate. Thus, from the foregoing, this article will present one of the products necessary for land regularization to be carried out, the mapping of landslide risk with the indications for reducing the identified high and very high levels of risk. As an example, it is presented the application in the city of Itapevi, located in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, São Paulo State, Brazil with a focus on land regularization.

CORSI, Alessandra Cristina; MACEDO, Eduardo Soares de; GUIMARÃES, Marcela Penha Pereira. Landslide risk areas mapping for land regularization. : In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LANDSLIDES, 13., 2021, Colombia. On-line. Proceedings on-line… 8p.

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