Influência do tratamento preservativo com CCA-C no uso de RFID em dormentes de madeira


The radio frequency identification (RFID) of wooden sleepers can allow control of your entire supply chain, use and disposal. This identification is by setting a "smart tag" (tag) in crossties, that communicate with antennas and radio frequency readers. For tracking entire chain, it is important to note that the wooden sleeper goes through several types of manipulation, handling and processing to be discarded. This study aims to evaluate the performance of encapsulated tags, to be placed on crossties, when submittes to product immersion and pressure treatment in an autoclave with CCA-C preservative product. The test results show the comparison of the response signal behavior of the tags with encapsulation polycarbonate, polyester, ABS and nylon. From results we can say that there is evidence of proper performance of RFID technology in crossties.

MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; SILVA, Gisleine Aparecida da; PEREIRA, Matheus Jacon; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio; AVANÇO, Leandro; PEREIRA JUNIOR, Sergio Matias; MARTINELLI JUNIOR, Veltan E. Influência do tratamento preservativo com CCA-C no uso de RFID em dormentes de madeira. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA DA MADEIRA, CBCTEM, 2., 2015, Belo Horizonte. Anais… 8 p.

Document with restricted access. Login to BiblioInfo, Library – DAIT/IPT to access the PDF document:

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