Investigando a estrutura do pavimento por método não destrutivo (GPR)


In order to investigate pavement layers, traditional destructive methods are generally used by core drilling and trenching. The pavement layers thickness determined by destructive methods is usually exact, but punctual data are obtained on selected locations and may cause further damages in the pavement. It requires traffic closure and it is relatively dangerous for the operating personnel. To avoid these drawbacks, the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is one of the most recommended non-destructive techniques. GPR is a geophysical measurement technique that has been extensively used by foreign researchers for many applications in pavement engineering. GPR survey must be carried out according to the ASTM D4748. This paper presents the results of a GPR survey to determine pavement layer thickness. Field methods and operating procedures were established in order to disseminate and enhance knowledge of GPR for pavement engineering applications in Brazil. It has been found that the use of GPR (non-destructive method) combined with destructive investigation, got consistent results and yielded a favorable benefit-cost ratio. Surveys can produce a large amount of data in a short time for a fairly low cost, increasing productivity.


VIEIRA, Rubens; GANDOLFO, Otávio Coaracy Brasil. Investigando a estrutura do pavimento por método não destrutivo (GPR). In: REUNIÃO DE PAVIMENTAÇÃO, 42., 2013, Gramado. Anais… 12 p.

Document with restricted access. Log in to BiblioInfo, Library – DAIT/IPT to access the PDF text:

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