Analysis if the occurences of deaths by mass movements in the State of São Paulo and the relationship with geology


In 1988, the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) began a project to catalog events of mass movement with fatalities at the national leval, with the aim of having an idea of the Brazilian reality and the information necessary for the prevention and risk management. In the State of São Paulo occurred 214 events with 478 deaths. This paper has as objective to verify the relation between the occurrences of mass movements with deaths and the lithotypes of the geology of the São Paulo State. The procedures employed involved the analysis of data from the Deaths Databases and the geology of the São Paulo State. The first stage consisted in the selection and spatialization of the events and later overlaping with the geological map. In the Atlântico Plateau region occurend the largest number of mass movement events that have resulted in deaths in the State of São Paulo. A significant correlation was observed between igneous and metamorphic rocks in the occurrence of the number of mass movement events and death either. It can be observed in the geomorphology of the State of São Paulo that the distribuition of these geological units is located in the Atlantic Plateau. The analysis of geology by itself is not sufficient to explain which sedimentary units have a record of deaths, consideration should be given to the way in which land is occupied, since cuts and landfills are carried out without control.

CORSI, Alessandra Cristina; SANDRE, Lucas Henrique; MACEDO, Eduardo Soares de; GUIMARÃES, Marcela Penha Pereira; THOMAZ, Osório. Análise das ocorrências de mortes por movimentos de massa no estado de São Paulo e a relação com a geologia. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE REDUÇÃODE RISCOS E DESASTRES, 3., 2019, Belém. Anais… 9 p.

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