Estudo de tratabilidade de solo contaminado por cromo pelo método de solidificação/estabilização


This paper presents the results obtained for the treatability test Solidification-Stabilization (S/E), performed in the laboratory on soil contaminated by chromium (Cr). For testing, it was determined mixtures of 60% soil and 70% with 40% to 30% of binders, respectively. As the binders comprised of lime (C) Portland Cement (PC) and Bentonite (B), dosed at four different ratios C: CP 1: 3, C:CP 1:1, C:CP 3:1 and C:CP:B 1:3:0.5. For the performance evaluation were molded specimens, in a moist chamber for 28 days for the cure, being conducted homogeneity testing, viscosity, compression and chemical analysis. The homogeneity test showed that all samples were constructed properly, generating representative samples. The compression results showed that mixtures with higher concentrations of cement have greater compressive strength. Viscosity tests indicated the possibility of injection of the mixture in the soil in comparison with a standard solution EHC-M 30% (w/w). The leaching test was performed following the NBR 10004 standard and the chemical quantification performed through the technique of Atomic Emission Spectrometry. There was a direct relationship between increasing the pH of the leachate extract and a reduction in Cr concentrations of it, however, further studies should be conducted in order to assess the best type of leaching solution and contact time of the mixture.

Busto, Raquel Vieira; Barbosa, Alexandre Muselli ; Cruz, Reginaldo Passos ; Saccoccio, Eduardo Maziero ; Manéo, Fernanda Peixoto ; Bulhões, Elaine de Oliveira . Estudo de tratabilidade de solo contaminado por cromo pelo método de solidificação/estabilização. In: CONGRESSO BRASILERIO DE GELOGIA DE ENGENHARIA E AMBIENTAL, 15.,2015, Bento Gonçalves. Anais… São Paulo: ABGE, 2015. cd-rom. 10p.

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