Phishing and soial engineering: concept, modalities, techniques of detection and prevention of fraud; a systematic review of the literature


Nowadays it is very common to hear about some kind of cyber fraud, such criminal conducts that were already continuously practiced years ago, have intensified and gained new modalities. With the advent of social isolation caused by the pandemic, the cybercrime known as phishing was the most executed fraud modality worldwide, which is explained by the increase of internet users that in their great majority are unaware of basic rules to prevent this type of attack. The objective of this paper is to present the concept of phishing and social engineering, to highlight the main and current phishing modalities, to explain how the attacks work and to propose some basic but effective ways to detect and combat this type of crime.

VILELA, Erica; UEDA, Eduardo Takeo; GAVA, Vagner Luiz. Phishing e engenharia social: conceitos, modalidades, técnicas de detecção e prevenção de fraudes; uma revisão sistemática da literatura. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, 19.CONTECSI, 2022, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo: FEA, 2023. 22p.

Access to the lecture presentation slides in PDF:

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