A proposal for reusing lessons learned in Scrum projects


Research reveals that a considerable number of IT projects fail to meet their schedule and/or cost estimates. One of the reasons for this low success rate is that organizations are unable to reuse lessons learned in projects or are doing so in an incomplete or inefficient way. The goal of this study is to build a process for estimulating the reuse of lessons learned in Scrum projects. A systematic literature review is performed, which reveals the most popular techiniques used for conducting Retrospectives have flaws that inhibit the learning process. By reintroducing techniques that will mitigate these flaws, a process is presented with the expected outcome of enabling the reuse of lessons learned during the project and, as a result, to help the team to avoid past mistakes and distribute knowledge in a more homogeneous way among team members.

LIMA, Elton Grottoli; GAVA, Vagner Luiz. Proposta para reuso de lições aprendidas em projetos Scrum. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, 19.CONTECSI, 2022, São Paulo. Proceedings… São Paulo: FEA, 2023. 26p.

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