The vast majority of activities carried out, contemporaneously, by human beings, take place inside buildings. Producing comfortable, safe and sustainable spaces in large volumes, efficiently and at competitive costs, are the challenges that the sector faces, especially when it comes to housing. IPT’s Housing and Buildings area is prepared and focused on supporting its clients in overcoming these challenges.

The teams in this area are qualified to work along the entire production chain of the sector, starting from the building design phase, supporting industries in the development and certification of products, working with construction companies to improve their processes and even supporting state and federal programs to encourage the production of schools and Social Interest Housing (HIS). It has the most eclectic laboratory base in the country, both for carrying out characterization tests of material properties, passing through the performance evaluation of elements, components and construction systems and even on-site inspections. It also has extensive training in carrying out computer simulations and approaching and encouraging the adoption of products with good environmental performance through life cycle analyses.

It is organized into four laboratories, which work closely together, with a view to facilitating the customers’ search for technological solutions:
Environmental Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Building Installations Laboratory;
​Laboratory of Technology and Performance of Constructive Systems;
Laboratory of Materials for Construction Products;
Fire and Explosion Safety Laboratory.

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