For more than 50 years, IPT has played an important role in the energy sector in Brazil. It develops technological solutions that increase security and energy efficiency, emissions and improve cost effectiveness, application and functionality of projects, products, services and industrial facilities. He worked on important strategic projects for Brazil, such as the development of ethanol engines during the Proálcool program in the 1970s and 1980s and in the preparation of biodiesel specifications for the National Program for the Production and Use of Biodiesel in 2004.

Using advanced engineering techniques, it offers technical support for the development of technically competitive products and projects, incorporating technological technologies and using advanced modeling, simulation and experimentation techniques. Its activities and services cover the entire lifecycle of products and installations, from research, design, modeling, prototyping and testing to the end of their useful life.

It has a highly qualified team and laboratory infrastructure to implement solutions related to the generation, transmission, distribution and use of energy, mainly for the oil and gas, agribusiness, transport, machinery and equipment sectors.

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