The Center for Information Technology, Automation and Mobility (CIAM) provides technological and strategic solutions in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The Center works jointly with several areas of the Institute, combining specialized knowledge with the work performed in corporate systems, digital security networks, engineering systems, automation, mobility and telematics applied to transportation. Aided by multidisciplinary teams, the Center responds credibly and competently to the technological challenges of developing innovative ICT solutions. Focusing on the ICT markets, most notably on ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), the Center responds to requests from public bodies, state and federal companies and agencies, and from private companies. The CIAM team is composed of researchers with wide experience in ICT, including Masters and PhDs in areas connected to the Center’s activities, specialized technologists and technicians, civil engineers, electronic, mechatronic and telecommunications engineers, systems analysts, mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists.

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