One of the major challenges of this century is the development of new industrial products and processes built upon the three pillars of sustainability – social equality, economic viability and environmental protection.

The technology platforms of biotechnology, nanotechnology, microtechnology and ultra-precision metrology are the key to promoting sustainable development, ensuring competitive advantages for companies. These platforms are the foundations of the Bionanomanufacturing laboratory that is beginning its operation at IPT’s new facilities.


The multidisciplinary nature of these platforms allows for the creation of integrated technological solutions.

Nanotechnology offers new possibilities for scientific and technological development, reducing the time and size scale, allowing for the intensification of chemical, physical and biological processes, and enhancing product quality and functionality.

Biotechnological processes are highly advantageous in that they are environmentally friendly, consuming less energy and favoring the use of renewable raw materials.

Advances in micromanufacturing processes enable the application of nanotechnology for the development of biosensors for health and environment-related areas, microreactors for chemical applications, miniaturized conventional analytical techniques, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), and others.

Ultra-precision metrology is employed not only in the diagnosis and development of bio-, nano- and microtechnology products and processes, but also in highly advanced services to Industry.


Bionanomanufacturing at IPT thus enables the integrated and sustainable development and application of these technologies, responding to market demands. Different types of projects, such as R&D&I, consulting and technology services, can be developed in partnership with companies, with various types of funding, including non-refundable resources from Brazil’s National Research and Industrial Innovation Company – Embrapii.

IPT staff is available to discuss partnership opportunities. Contact us by email:

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