Umbilical interference study


This work analyzes the interference that can occur in umbilicals when they have power and data cables. With the extraction of oil from the pre-salt, the umbilical has more than 1000 meters long, and this depends on how it is built, position of the data cable in relation to the power, distance between one and the other, rotation of one in relation the other can affect how much voltage is induced in the data cable. In addition to the possible shield connections that according to this study must be grounded to minimize interference. With the results presented, it is observed that in addition to the cable shields, the rotation between data cable and power is important to reduce interference.

DIAS, Marcelo Sanches; PEREIRA FILHO, Mario Leite; TRINTINALIA, Luiz Cezar. Umbilical interference study. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE MICRO-ONDAS E OPTOELETRÔNICA, 19. CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ELETROMAGNESTISMO, 14., MOMAG 2020, Vitória. (on-line). Anais…

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