NTP influence on time interval measurements


Internet-connected devices have been used by testing and calibration laboratories as measuring instruments. Despite the advantages, some care must be taken to ensure the metrological traceability of the measurements. One caution is related to the fact that they use the NTP protocol as a tool for the proper functioning of the Internet, in order to ensure greater accuracy to the timestamps used by the network. The present work has the purpose of comparing the calibration of the time interval measurement in a notebook with the enabled and disabled NTP protocol. The results are analyzed and presented.

TORRES, Fabrício Gonçalves; MENDES, Anderson Poiani Lopes; DIAS, Régis Renato. NTP influence on time interval measurements. In: SEMINÁRIO INTERNACIONAL DE METROLOGIA ELÉTRICO – SEMETRO, 13., 2019, Florianópolis. Anais… 4 p.

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