Housing and urbanistic aspects in the implementation of the home verticalization in precarious settlements: case studies in the city of São Paulo, SP


The results of a study about the housing and urbanistic aspects in the implementation of the home verticalization model in precarious settlements, in the city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil, are presented. It is based in particular on general data on policies, programs and projects implemented in successive municipal administrations in the period 1989- 2016, as well as on case studies. There are four projects carried out in the municipality: Parque do Gato, Vila Nova Jaguaré, Dois de Maio and Jardim Edite. Following this, a brief comparative analysis was carried out between the projects studied, taking into account characteristics that indicate the habitability and urbanization conditions established and the aspects considered positive and negative from the point of view of the residents. Finally, we present the conclusions of the study and some general recommendations aimed at contributing to the improvement of the model and better attending to the needs of the residents of these settlements.

MATTEUCCI, Leandro Macedo; BITAR, Omar Yazbek. Aspectos habitacionais e urbanísticos na implantação da verticalização de moradias em assentamentos precários: estudos de caso no município de São Paulo, SP. In: ENCONTRO DA ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DE PESQUISA E PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO EM ARQUITETURA E URBANISMO, 5., 2018, Salvador. Anais… 22 p.

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