Development of the Brazilian REDD strategy: the simplification of the debate which prioritizes the amazon biome


This article discusses the simplification of the debate related to the decision-making of prioritizing the Amazon on building the Brazilian REDD strategy – mechanism aiming to fund climate change mitigation initiatives. Based on different focus for a REDD strategy, the article criticizes the current building process of the Brazilian REDD strategy, privileging the Amazon. The article highlights that such strategy does not acknowledge the current potential of each Brazilian biome to build a national strategy that would conciliate emissions reductions and the sustainable development of Brazil. It is recommended that decision-makers revise the current potential of each Brazilian biome in collaborating to the goals of the Brazilian REDD strategy before defining its design.

SOUZA, Caroline Almeida. A construção da estratégia brasileira de REDD: a simplificação do debate na priorização da Amazônia. Ambiente & Sociedade, v. 16, n.1, p.99-116, jan.-mar., 2013.

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