Adaptações da norma ASTM D 5141 como ferramenta para concepção de cercas-silte


Increasingly common in projects under construction, silt fences are idealized to facilitate the removal of suspended sediment in runoff. Given the importance that geotextiles have for the proper functioning of this type of barrier, American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) has developed the ASTM D 5141 which helps to support the choice of the most suitable geotextile to the particularities of each project . Within this context, this study aimed to the realization of specific adaptations in relation to the procedures proposed by the ASTM standard. These are: the change in shape of the top shell of the experimental apparatus; successive trials in order to reproduce significant effects observed in actual situation; and finally, substitution of suspended solids analysis by turbidity assays. In doing so, the proposals presented in this work have potential to contribute significantly to the quality of projects that involve the use of silt-fences. Nevertheless, it is clear that further tests are required to achieve a solid method that can be applied broadly for different types of project.

CAVALHIERI, Caio Pompeu; FERREIRA, Andre Luiz; PATERNIANI, José Euclides Stipp. Adaptações da norma ASTM D 5141 como ferramenta para concepção de cercas-silte. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GEOLOGIA DE ENGENHARIA E AMBIENTAL, 14., 2013, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… São Paulo: ABGE, 2013. CD. 6 p.

Document with restricted access. Link to BiblioInfo, Biblioteca-DE/IP to access the full text in PDF:

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