Preparação de borracha microparticulada por spray-drying


In this work the rubber in powder form was obtained from the latex of styrene-butadiene previously modified ethylenic monomers and colloidal oxide. The average size of rubber particles varied from 73μm to 31 mM, depending on the formulation. Analysis of scanning electron microscopy revealed a cluster system for pure latex and a particulate system for the system chemically modified, both in dry spray dryer under the same conditions.

PAIVA, Lucilene Betega de; OLIVEIRA, Adriano Marim de; UTIYAMA, Daniel Yohio. Preparação de borracha microparticulada por spray-drying. Borracha Atual, p.42-45, 2012.

Document with restricted access. To access the document in PDF, log in to BiblioInfo in the Library/DAIT-IPT:

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