On the hydrodynamic aspects of the carbonate scale formation process in high flow rate wells


Easily accessible oil deposits are increasingly scarce, and therefore, more challenging reserves will require innovative solutions and technologies. Carbonate reservoirs are today important resources to be developed. Among the challenges imposed to the flow assurance process, the thermodynamic envelopes for scale formation have been widely studied. This article deals with the additional aspects related to the hydrodynamics of saline scaling of carbonate origin, noticeably calcite. Several phenomena before scaling and should be considered in a global simulation. The forecast of scaling only will represent the reality if all relevant phenomena are accurately described. In this sense, the dynamic growth of calcite crystals influenced by the fluid flow dynamics were investigated using experimental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques. Experimental data were obtained to evaluate the solid particle size distribution, and these profiles, were the boundary conditions of a discrete phase modeling. The experimental data, coupled with CFD could estimate the scaling rates at high flow rates production wells. The coupling technique constitutes novel contribution to the understanding of carbonate scaling phenomena and can be used to support field procedures for its mitigation, avoiding production losses.

MACIEL, R. S.; COSMO, R. P.; MACIEL, F. S.; PEREIRA, F. A. R.; RIBEIRO, D. C.; ALDEIA, Wagner; MARTINS, A. L. On the hydrodynamic aspects of the carbonate scale formation process in high flow rate wells. In: OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE BRASIL – OTC Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 2017. Proceedings… 15p.

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