Importância da caracterização dos dados climáticos para a avaliação do desempenho térmico de edificações


Nowadays is necessary to use appropriate annual climatic data to perform evaluations of the thermal performance of Brazilian buildings. The authors are carrying out a specific research to characterize existing data or to develop climatic files if necessary. This paper is an initial part of this project and aims to compare the characteristics of annual climate data files available for a Brazilian city and establish discussions about the characteristics of climate data needed to be used in software to simulate the thermal behavior of buildings. It was made comparisons between four climate files for the city of São Paulo. It was identified the frequency of occurrence of values of the main climatic variables. These data were also compared with mean and absolute values obtained from climatological historical data. The results indicate similarities among the files for variables such as air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation, and discrepancies related to wind speed and wind direction. It was also found that there are files with more critical climate data than those obtained from historical data. Some recommendations are made for the use of these climate files, as well as the identification of factors that need to be further investigated in the next stages of the project.

AKUTSU, Maria; BRITO, Adriana Camargo de. Importância da caracterização dos dados climáticos para a avaliação do desempenho térmico de edificações. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE CONFORTO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 16., ENCONTRO LATINO-AMERICANO DE CONFORTO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 12., 2021, Palmas. [on-line]. Anais… 7 p.

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